Live - The Golden Republic In Hoboken, NJ

Attention concertgoers in Hoboken: please stand during rock shows.

Last night I crossed the Hudson by way of the PATH train to the best music spot in New Jersey: Maxwell’s. I was there for two reasons, a cheeseburger and to watch The Golden Republic. Both, I am happy to say, lived up to my expectations. I’ll spare you the details of how delicious my curly fries were, and how Astralwerk’s Lawrence Lui is in fact NOT Samoan (trust me… don’t ask), and will get on to the music.

To describe The Golden Republic’s sound, one must look back to a variety of influences from the 70’s and 80’s. A little Rolling Stones, a dash of Bowie, a splash of New Order, and even some more contemporary flavors from Suede and Blur. It is this blend of distinctive sounds that kept me entertained for their entire set. The boys from Kansas City have been perfecting their live sound over the past four years, and last night’s show was proof that practice makes perfect.

Their set list included several tracks from their new People EP, including “You Almost Had It” and the catchy pop song “Great Communication.” My favorite song of the night was by far “Make It,” which had a Rolling Stones meets Suede feel to it. Yes, that is possible. Trust me. This band has plenty of potential to make some noise next year with the release of their Astralwerks full-length debut, due out in February. Make sure to catch The Golden Republic’s new-wave-punk-brit-glam-rock goodness as they continue to tour with Sondre Lerche through December. For show information, and to sample some tracks from their EP, head over to Astralwerks' official site.

Live - The Golden Republic In Hoboken, NJ