Shortlist Performers Set, CD Comp In The Works

In just four years The Shortlist Music Prize has gone from a fledgling music award with lackluster media coverage to a full fledged force to be reckoned with. The idea has always been great, as have the award ceremonies, but now Shortlist is finally getting the sort of exposure it deserves. On November 15 at the Avalon Theater in Hollywood, the Shortlist will have its award ceremony/concert for the winner of the 4th annual prize. Following tradition, the concert portion is going to boast an array of diverse, yet killer, acts including Air, Dizzee Rascal, Nellie McKay and TV On The Radio. Going back to that whole exposure idea, MTV2 will broadcast the event on November 20 at 9PM. The station also dedicated an entire episode of Subterranean to playing videos from the prize's ten finalists.

That's not all though. Razor & Tie will be releasing a compilation CD called MTV2 Presents Shortlist 2004 Nominees on November 2nd. The CD features songs from all 10 Shortlist finalists as well as tracks from Ryan Adams, Cafe Tacuba, Jem and MUSE, all of which made the Shortlist's "long list".

"Michael" - Franz Ferdinand
"Time Is Running Out" - MUSE
"Staring at the Sun" - TV On The Radio
"Fix Up, Look Sharp" - Dizzee Rascal
"David" - Nellie McKay
"They" - Jem
"Believe Me Natalie" - the Killers
"Mrs. Leroy Brown" - Loretta Lynn
"Dry Your Eyes" - the Streets
"Nowhere Again" - the Secret Machines
"Eres" - Café Tacuba
"Save Me Dear" - Ghostface Killah
"Surfing On a Rocket" - Air
"Hotel Chelsea Nights" - Ryan Adams
"Hell Is Chrome" - Wilco

Shortlist Performers Set, CD Comp In The Works