The Power Of Blogging

Hang out in any marketing meeting and hear this term dropped more times than "Some people say" on Fox. I say this kind of like the player-hater would, I read them and make fun of them at the same time. But what has piqued my interest today about said blogosphere? More to the point, what are these bloggers doing to make some cash? Some find employment, some never want to be known. I notice some have ads, some pump the shows or DJs they dig.

One blog in particular started it's own label, Ultragrrrl. Splitting duties between her day gig at SPIN and party gnome at night, Ultragrrrl decided to start hyping a band called Louis XIV. Releasing it on her "label", Stolen Transmission, she was trying to get the word out on a band she thought deserving. That was about 2 weeks ago.

Cut to today. Rumor on the street is the band got gobbled up by a record label named for an ocean on the East Coast. Could this be because of one girl with her blog? Maybe this is the extreme example, she does work at a major music magazine, afterall. But it shows the natural progression and transformation from creativity to commerce. What is next, corruption? Blog consultants?

The true power to blogging is the blatant borrowing and lack of copyright, enabling the freedom to cut and paste from anywhere. Positioned against the copyright-driven record industry, it will be interesting to see how the two use eachother to survive.

The Power Of Blogging