Hillary Rosen Hearts Lawrence Lessig

We read on Coolfer.com that Hilary Rosen, the former CEO of the RIAA, has made waves with her "How I Learned to Love Larry" article in Wired that tells of how she warmed to Lawrence Lessig's Creative Commons, the non-profit he chairs that was created to form new copyrights systems for content owners.

"I'm still cynical about its origins, but I've come to love Creative Commons. The organization seeks to calm some of music's roiling waters, from unlawful sampling to file-sharing. As the RIAA continues to use the courts to discourage the illegal, widespread distribution of songs through peer-to-peer systems, there has been a chilling effect on other, legitimate uses. Many musicians and consumers fear reusing pieces of others' songs - even for noncommercial purposes. Nobody wants to get caught in the crosshairs of industry lawyers."

The second part of the article is written by Lessig. He argues that copyright law needs to be changed for the digital age.

"Digital devices copy to create; to copy copyrighted content requires permission from its owner. And while the tradition of fair use with text is fairly mature, that tradition is much weaker with film, photographs, and sound. In the Sixth Circuit, at least with sound recordings, there is apparently no tradition at all."

Coolfer muses, "Hilary and Lawrence...possible allies in the fight against digital piracy? Who would have thought!"

Hillary Rosen Hearts Lawrence Lessig