The Libertines Release DVD Video Streams

Get an early peak on Xfm Online of the new Libertines DVD entitled Boys In The Band. The bonus DVD will be a part of the reissued version of the band's recent self-titled album that's due out in mid-November in the UK. US fans will get their release on January 11, 2005. The Gina Birch-directed DVD includes over an hour of extras and live footage from the Moby Dick in Spain, The Factory in Japan, scenes of the band busking for beer in London and more live footage, radio sessions and clips from the tour van during the bands tour in Spain. Additional content includes video promos for the single "Can't Stand Me Now" and "Scenes From The Forum", as well as, a gallery and interviews with all members of the band.

The clips on XFM are:

1. Live montage

2.Pete kisses confused old ladies while Carl strums happily atop their tourbus.

3. Carl talks fondly about the old days and we get a tour round the boys old flat.

4. The Libs play "The Boy Looked At Johnny" for a ravenously hardcore audience.

Hey Rough Trade, get us the goods. Eliot Fader needs his fix.

The Libertines Release DVD Video Streams