The Libertines Bid Adieu To The Road... Forever?

The Libertines' Carl Barat will pull the band off of the road at the end of the year, with no plans at all to return for "the foreseeable future". Barat told NME that there are no plans for any gigs after December. "As of the end of December, Gary, John and I have decided The Libertines will be off the road for the foreseeable future, no more official gigs are booked. An ongoing problem with my health, which requires an operation, will put me out of action for maybe some months."

Since this summer, The Libertines have been touring without their co-founder Pete Doherty, who has been battling a well-documented drug problem.

"My position with Pete hasn’t changed," said Barat. "I hope he gets better, I still love him and hope he will come back in full health and take the world with The Libertines and put the Albion back on-course. Joining the old crew on the good ship wouldn’t be so hard."

Does this mean an end to the Libertines if partner Pete Doherty doesn't clean up his act? It sure sounds that way.

The Libertines Bid Adieu To The Road... Forever?