All Roads To Fault

Recipe for rock success:

1 cup Blood Brothers,
5 tablespoons Fugazi,
1 pinch of Mclusky

The UK masses are salivating over one buzz band right now, and that band happens to have a long-ass name: yourcodenameis:milo. No spaces, no capitalization, but don’t forget the colon. Fortunately this time around, the UK flavor of the month doesn’t suck. It is called post-hardcore, whatever the hell that is supposed to mean these days. The five-piece from Newcastle is comprised of Paul “Bez” Beresford (drums), Ross Harley (bass), Adam Hiles (guitar), Justin Lockey (guitar), and Paul Mullen (guitar/vocals). The math rock-punk-screamo combination works well for ycni:m (yes, that is how you abbreviate their name), giving their debut album All Roads To Fault plenty of twists and turns to keep listeners entertained. Unique time signatures, noisy guitars, and near Trail Of Dead-ish vocals make this an addictive 7 song mini-album. The songs were great to begin with, but producer Steve Albini took the original recipe and make it extra crispy. The gritty opening song, which is also the title track, uses angular guitars (and tons of them) to create an epic rock track that even Josh Homme could admire. Unlike most bands that fall under the screamo category, ycni:m keep it fresh and not formulaic. They understand the importance of dynamics, which they use quite effectively in “First Mater Responds.” Distorted shoegazer guitars and melodic vocals collide with feedback-drenched rock goodness that few bands possess. yourcodenameis:milo is currently on tour with fellow Beggars label-mates Mclusky, and will also be performing with The Damnwells and Static Lullaby throughout November. Be the cool kid on your block and snag a copy of All Roads To Fault before everybody else does.

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All Roads To Fault