Cake Gives Insight On Upcoming Tour

OK, so you are a band. You have a new CD out. The CD is doing pretty well (debuting at #17 three weeks ago and is now #79 on the Billboard albums chart, not to mention being a top 10 college radio record). So what is next? How about touring? Sounds like a great idea…but not to John McCrea, the lead singer of Cake. McCrea calls his band "culturally irrelevant" and touring "rootless and depressing."

Over the next two weeks, Cake will play seven cities in Europe, then return to the U.S. to tour through next year in support of their fifth album, Pressure Chief. McCrea is about as excited to be back on the road as most people are at the thought of having a root canal.

Before heading across the pond McCrea told MTV News, "Saying goodbye to friends and family for two years at a time has created a lot of chain-smoking, alcoholism and heroin addiction in musicians. I like to have sadness sitting on the same couch as humor…I don't think we're building our fan base with this album; I just think our pre-existing fans are deciding to buy another album. Culturally, we're totally not right for the time, and I'm sure next week we'll have, like, zero more records sold."

Cheer up John, it can’t be that bad! In case you feel like giving McCrea and the rest of the guys in Cake a hug, check out the tour dates in a city near you.

11.18.04 - Universal City, CA (Universal Amphitheatre)
11.19.04 - San Francisco, CA (The Warfield)
11.12.04 - San Francisco, CA (The Warfield)
11.22.04 - Portland, OR (KNRK Radio Show)
11.23.04 - Vancouver, BC (House Of Blues)
11.24.04 - Seattle, WA (Moore Theatre)
12.07.04 - Sayreville, NJ (Starland Ballroom)
12.12.04 - Montreal, QC (Metropolis)
12.15.04 - Cleveland, OH (House Of Blues)

Cake Gives Insight On Upcoming Tour