The Smiths Inspire A New Musical

What do ABBA, Queen, and The Smiths have in common? No, I know what you are thinking and that’s not it. Looks like The Smiths are the latest band to inspire a new musical written by super-fans Andrew Wale and Perrin Manzer that is set to be played onstage at London’s Lyric Hammersmith Theatre next July.

The duo has already named the play “Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others”, a song from 1986 that The Smiths wrote. They have also claimed that the musical will be nothing short of tasteful, and not a typical musical. The show will also feature more than 20 songs from the band and arranged for a string quartet, sung by as cast of six.

According to NME, producers have described The Smiths musical as a "film without a text" and initial plans are more opera than theatre. The show will be neither biographical, nor set to a musical score but evolve through a loose pastiche of scenes linked to each of the songs. Video sequences may also be included.

Associate Producer Michael Brazier also told NME: "It is not a linear story. There will be action going on stage whether its dance or movement or acting without words depends on the scene. Sometimes the song - and what the singer is saying in the song - will be the main line of action. But other times when you are concentrating on the singer, out of the corner of your eye you will be seeing impressionistic goings-on elsewhere on the stage. The significance of that (action) will become clear later. The meaning of these clues will gradually reveal themselves."

As for now the involvement of Morrissey and Marr is unknown, but they have both agreed to the idea of the musical. Who knows, with all the reunions going around lately maybe, just maybe, the pair might work together again. One can dream, right?

The Smiths Inspire A New Musical