Frank Black Is A Busy Guy, Two New Albums Slated For '05

Just before joining up with The Pixies this summer for their extensive reunion tour, Frank Black was in a Nashville recording studio working on some new songs. Luckily, Black was able to finish everything up before he left and the result is two brand new albums from the indie rock superhero. The first of the two is titled Honeycomb and will possibly out Spring '05. The second album has yet to be titled.

Speaking about the possible release of Honeycomb, Black told Billboard, "In the spring maybe, but the labels take f*cking forever. It's not like the old days when everyone used to release a record every five months. Now, everything is so calculated and so precious and so careful."

A number of legendary musicians joined Black on the records, including Spooner Oldham, Dan Penn, Duane Jarvis, Steve Cropper and the Band's Levon Helm, a factor that Black says contributed to an overall "mellow" vibe to the recordings.

He said, "It's just the way it came out. Maybe I wrote a little bit in anticipation with playing with those kinds of guys. But they are definitely pre-punk, these guys. So it's not like they don't get it, it's just that they come from a different world, where it's a little more groove-oriented. They don't necessarily play loud."

In Pixies news, a camera crew is currently following them around, documenting their every move for a forthcoming DVD release, which might be available next summer.

Frank Black Is A Busy Guy, Two New Albums Slated For '05