Live – Pinback Warm Up A Chilly Chicago Night

What do you get when lots of the guys and gals in the crowd sing every single vocal hook to every song? Pinback at le Metro. The venue was a filled up Sunday night in Chicago as many a cool kid flocked to hear their favorite So Cal indie rockers. Most everyone in attendance was obviously very familiar with the band's work, because every time one of those signature Pinback hooks would come along, I could either see peoples' mouths singing along, or hear singing voices from all directions. Pinback’s music contains an element of pop in the vocals, however, its not the shallow pop that some of you may think of. It is the sharp vocal talent of Rob Crow and Armistead Burwell Smith IV (aka Zach) layered over intricate guitars and lush, Rhodes-sounding keys. 

On tour, Pinback is made up of five guys to execute all the live music, but in the studio, Rob and Zach are the main men behind Pinback. Hailing from San Diego, Pinback has toured plenty in the past, and now they continue to gain hold of many listeners. Summer in Abaddon (released this past October 12th) is the band's third full length, though it's the first for Touch & Go Records. The label has been on a tear as of late with great music from TV On The Radio and !!!. They even got some love from Rob who gave an ode to the Chicago-based label. 

"AFK" is the band's current single and after being at the show, I could tell that the track is in the heads of many, as the crowd sang along to every single word. Later on in the set, it seemed as if the guys were chucking late night lullabies and showing us a more mellow, sweet side of Pinback. They closed out with a longer than usual encore that still had the crowd begging for more. “Syracuse” would be Sunday night's last track for all the fans to sing along to. “Step-down-into-sand!”

Source: Sergio Flores

Live – Pinback Warm Up A Chilly Chicago Night