Scissor Sisters Announce New Album

Things just keep getting better as Scissor Sisters have announced that they are going to release their follow-up to their self-titled debut
next year. The musical fab five hope to be working in better conditions this time around as most of the last album was recorded in guitarist Babydaddy’s apartment.

Guitarist Del Marquis told XFM: "We already have some songs kicking around. But they’re not quite well rehearsed enough to start playing live yet. The new material is similar to the
sound of the first album, but a little more styled. We have one track called ‘Forever Right Now’ that’s our attempt at a reggae song. It’s in the live set at the moment, but it’ll probably be saved for the second album. We’re definitely looking forward to
releasing another album and I’d hope that it would be out by winter 2005. For any band there comes a period of stagnation where you end up taking the
piss out of the show. At the moment we’re still enjoying playing these songs. But not for too much longer… We’ll be back in the studio throughout November."

Scissor Sisters are planning to release their new single “I Believe In You” with Kylie Minogue on December 6.

Scissor Sisters Announce New Album