Live - Griffin House’s Grandparents Do The Nasty…Ah Yeah!!

If Jesus sang he probably would have sounded like Bono. If Jesus had a cover band, Griffin House would be the lead singer. Dawning a beard and long hair, the musical Messiah Griffin House held a solo set at Schubas in Chicago. All that was missing from the set were some sandals and a robe.

Griffin House, a 24 year old Ohio Native who currently resides in Nashville, was able to fill the 70+ seats at Schubas for his first show in Chicago. Starting the show without hesitation, he went into “Waterfall” off his latest album Lost and Found, setting the tone for a lovelorn evening. 

At first, I couldn’t place a reoccurring voice weaved in and out of his songs. It might have been the beard and long hair playing acoustic melodies that threw me off, but then it dawned on me during “Ordinary Day”(possible name of a brand new song Griffin was playing) …..Griffin is a bearded Bono!! The first few songs felt like I was listening to U2 in a Coffee House. At first I thought Griffin was covering an old U2 song, but as it turns out he was playing a brand spanking new song he recently put together with co-producer Ian Fitchuck. Though his Bono tendencies were blatantly apparent throughout the set, he was able to summon up his own brand of folk tunes with accessible lyrics that allow listeners to follow along with each heart break.

Pulling from the title of his first major label album Lost and Found, Griffin House’s sensitive songs are mostly crafted under the guise of lovelorn and lonely, the cornerstone of most healthy folk singers. Most of the songs consisted of a mix of new songs he has recently been working on (4) and songs off of Lost and Found (6). A few more songs off his latest album would have been nice, especially to relate to his new fans, but Griffin was still a crowd pleaser, as all responded well to each song and story. 

His lyrics are down to earth and allow most to follow along. One of his new songs “The Guy That Says Goodbye is Out of His Mind” is an endearing lament to a past love (by the way, he is the guy out of his mind). “Ah me”, another about broken love. “Liberty Line”, love gone..cya. But there were a couple inspirational songs that ended his set. “New Day”, which is dangerously similar to U2’s “Bad”, is a song of hope and redemption. “The Way I Was Made” is a tribute to his family tree. Griffin opens the song by revealing the inspiration behind the song: “This is a song about my grandparents having sex”. Ah yeah... get some Grandma... Get some!!

Source: Brian Balok

Live - Griffin House’s Grandparents Do The Nasty…Ah Yeah!!