White Hot! White Stripes Shed Light On New Album

The White Stripes have announced that they are going to be finished with their follow up to 2002’s Elephant in the next two months. Final touches are being made in Detroit at friend and guitarist Brendan Benson’s house.

Jack told The Observer Music Monthly: "There's nothing really premeditated about it. But I don't know; we might be done in the next couple of months. When I say, done, it's not like we're going to go in and work on it forever. I feel like we've taken too much time off. But we really needed to. I wasn't inspired a year ago at all. I was inspired to stop playing live. It was getting really grueling to keep getting onstage like that. So now I'm really inspired, and want to play live again, and play these songs. They're really working out good. It's cool because last time me and Meg played the other day, it was cool, we were coming up with some interesting things. It felt different to me, and good, and moving forward."

Working quickly on an album is nothing new to The White Stripes. Elephant, which featured the singles “Seven Nation Army” and “The Hardest Button To Button”, was recorded in ten days – a theme the band are keen to repeat on the new LP.

Until then, look out for the release of their first ever DVD on December 7. Titled Under Blackpool Lights, the live DVD will contain footage filmed from the band’s January performance at the Empress Ballroon in Blackpool, England. Dick Carruthers (who has chronicled the live performances of the Rolling Stones, Oasis and Led Zeppelin) is the director. Selected U.S. theaters will screen the film, with bonus features not on the DVD.

Interested in seeing the seventy-five minute film featuring staples like “Seven Nation Army”, “Hotel Yorba”, and the cover of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene”? Feel free to come on December 9 to any of the following screenings. Show time is at 7pm sharp.

New York, Empire 25
Burbank, CA, Burbank 14
Chicago, River East 21
Springfield, PA, Marple 10
San Francisco, Van Ness 14
Boston, Fenway 13
Washington, DC, Mazza Gallerie 7
Atlanta, Phillips Plaza Mall
Livonia, MI, Laurel Park 10
Seattle, Pacific Place
Edina, MN, Southdale Center
Westminster, Co, Westminister Promedade 24
San Diego, Mission Valley 20

White Hot! White Stripes Shed Light On New Album