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Britpoppers Pour Out Some Of Their 40s For Gene

It's been a ten year run for Brit rock group Gene, but Martin Rossiter and co. will be calling it quits after their upcoming December shows at London's Astoria. No more shows, no more new music. Breaking into the scene in 1994 with their single "For the Dead" and subsequent stellar debut album, Olympian, the band were tipped as a "New Smiths" with Rossiter stepping into the role of one of the UK's more quotable frontmen. Never quite breaking the US, diehards lived off imports and festival reports via the NME. For those interested, check out the debut Olympian and compilation To See the Lights to hear pop for fops, or Roz as Moz. "This Is Not My Crime" is to be played in your honor. You will be missed.

For more info and photos, check their official site.

Britpoppers Pour Out Some Of Their 40s For Gene