Mercury Rev To Release New Album Early On iTunes

In an unusual move, Mercury Rev is embracing Apple’s iTunes Music Store by releasing their new album The Secret Migration online several months before the official US release. According to Billboard, die-hard fans can purchase the new record via iTunes starting on January 25 instead of waiting for the actual release in late April. Do your iPod a favor and purchase the album in January.

It should come to no surprise that longtime collaborator Dave Fridmann was once again given producer duties. The new record is rumored to be much more upbeat than their gloomy 2001 album All Is Dream. To get a sneak peek at the new album, you can download the lead single “Secret For A Song” from the band’s official website. It is a paid download, but worth every penny.

The Secret Migration
01. "Secret for a Song”
02. "Across Your Ocean"
03. "Diamonds"
04. "Black Forest"
05. "Vermillion"
06. "In the Wilderness"
07. "In a Funny Way"
08. "My Love"
09. "Moving On"
10. "The Climbing Rose"
11. "Arise"
12. "Flying"
13. "Down Poured the Heavens"

Mercury Rev To Release New Album Early On iTunes