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Danny The Dog

Massive Attack has been releasing critically acclaimed albums for years. Even though they have a signature sound they always manage to stay fresh and alive. This time around they are brining us their latest work that happens to be a soundtrack for the new film Danny The Dog, a martial arts thriller by Luc Besson. The band was personally asked by Besson and director Louis Leterrier to score the film. After eleven weeks, Massive Attack developed one the most beautiful albums of 2004. The soundtrack starts off haunting with remnants of past Massive Attack albums that easily could have been scraped off the cutting room floor. Taking the listener on a journey from track to track, it creates a landscape that encompasses and invokes the passenger until the end of the ride. One doesn’t even take note that there are not any lyrics on the 21 tracks and the average song length is about one and a half minutes until after safely returning from the trip. Tracks like “One Thought At A Time” and “Atta Boy” immediately stand out as heart pumping and upbeat; while songs like “Sam” and the self-titled “Danny The Dog” drags you into the secret recesses of the mind. The only song that really is a true return to Mezzanine, arguably Massive Attack’s best album, is “I Am Home”. Since it is not a typical Massive Attack release, some might consider it hard to warm up to, but be sure and take it home. Put on the headphones, light some candles, close your eyes and go on a journey that only Massive Attack can take you on.

Massive Attack
Virgin Records

Danny The Dog