The Pixies, Green Day, More, Donate Rare Items To Charity Auction

People For The American Way (PFAW) will hold their annual "Auction For The American Way" this Sunday, November 28, through December 5. The Pixies, Maroon 5, Dave Matthews, Green Day, Madonna, The Black Eyed Peas, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Linkin Park and more have all donated some rare memorabilia to the auction, which will be held on eBay and will benefit PFAW's ongoing efforts to promote free speech, civil rights and tolerance.

“Every day, artists, authors and entertainers rely on the precious right to free expression and freedom of speech that lies at the bedrock of American society,” said a spokesperson for PFAW. “We believe that is why so many people from these worlds continue to donate to PFAW, which fights for these same principles within our society. It is more important than ever that we create a sense of community, tolerance and compassion in a nation clearly divided along political lines.”

Some of the goodies up for grabs include a slew of autographed items, including CDs, posters, photos, handwritten lyric sheets and instruments. Some gold and platinum albums from Joan Jett, Madonna and Linkin Park, as well as miscellaneous "one of a kind" collectable memorabilia from a number of artists will also be available.

A direct link to the auction will be posted here on Sunday.

The Pixies, Green Day, More, Donate Rare Items To Charity Auction