Fugazi Drummer Launches DVD Series

Getting the word out about new, upcoming, talented bands is always a challenge. Fugazi drummer Brendan Canty has created a DVD series to help promote notable rock bands from various cities. The series will be titled Burn To Shine, and will bring in bands from whatever city the taping is in. Each group will be allowed to perform one song, but there is a catch. According to Billboard, the location of the taping must be in an empty house that faces imminent destruction. Ah yes, now the series title makes sense.

Canty told Billboard: “I thought it would be great to catch these bands doing whatever they were doing on that day. I said, 'just show up and do whatever you're interested in right now.' Using a house that was going to be destroyed basically marks it in time forever."

The first DVD is expected to be released on January 20, and will feature Ted Leo, Ian Mackaye’s new band The Evens, and Bob Mould. Other cities slated for tapings include Chicago, Portland, New York, and San Diego.

For more info: www.trixiedvd.com

Fugazi Drummer Launches DVD Series