"The Wall" School Kid Singers Suing Pink Floyd Over Royalties

Isn't being a part of rock & roll history worth anything anymore? Well, apparently the 23 north London school children who sang on Pink Floyd's "Another Brick In The Wall" don't think so, as members of that group have begun legal action against the band for unpaid royalties. According to NME, the children recorded their vocals in secret and as a result, have been unable to claim royalties. But don't worry. The big bad rock band wont be taking advantage of these poor "children" for much longer, at least according to their attorney Peter Rowan, a royalties expert who is working with a number of the former students. "They (the former school children) are owed their money and we lodged the first clam last week," Rowan told the BBC. "I've been working on it for almost two years."

In case you were curious, the kids were paid nothing the first time around, but their school, Islington Green School, was given a £1,000 donation and a platinum record of the song.

Although at the time the school's headmistress, upon hearing the song, banned her students from appearing on TV or video, she now supports her former students' claims.

Let this be a lesson to you. Bands, you can't trust anyone, not even little kids, so be sure to have EVERYONE sign a contract, no matter what. Everyone else, if you ever did anything as a kid that at the time you thought was fun, but now you think maybe you should have gotten paid for it, just hire a lawyer and he'll find someone to sue on your behalf.

"The Wall" School Kid Singers Suing Pink Floyd Over Royalties