Details Surface On Idlewild's New Album

Has it really been about two years since the last Idlewild album? Apparently it has, and the band have reveled details on the new album, and how they scattered themselves across the globe to record it.

Wings / Promises, is finally finished after getting off to a bumpy start. Following the departure of bassist Bob Fairfoul during the life of The Remote Part, the band added new bassist Gavin Fox and second guitarist, Allan Stewart.

Singer Roddy Woomble told NME.COM how the new line-up proved a catalyst for the band to stage a radical rethink. Although Woomble himself now lives in New York, the band spent six months at the end of 2003 writing in the Scottish Highlands. He said, “There’s a guy up there that rents his house out to us, its like a big old house in the middle of nowhere, we just go up there and take all our equipment and set it up and go and live there in an environment that’s strange and detached. The locals are friendly and it’s just fun.”

They then went to California to record the album with Tony Hoffer. “It wasn’t some dream that we concocted up in the highlands,” said Woomble to NME, “Because the band was different and the songs were different we thought we should record it somewhere different. So we went over to California and just led this crazy life in the sunshine, drinking Mexican beer and swimming in pools, under the guise of purposeful work.”

Warnings / Promises will be released on March 7 through Parlophone in the UK, with the single “Love Steals Us From Loneliness” preceding it on February 14.

Details Surface On Idlewild's New Album