Live - Long-View Make US Debut In NYC

Finally. After over a year and a half of falling in love
with singles and the full length by UK quartet
Long-View, the band finally was playing
their debut on US soil. A name change was in order,
as some bluegrass jamboree jokers already had the
band’s UK moniker of Longview, but the
alteration was a minor inconvenience. Of course, I
had no room to complain, as the pleasure of the
Long-View live set had already been mine on a
handful of occasions in London last year, but I’m
greedy and I heart me some Long-View, so I was
excited to see them at Piano’s in NYC.
As the back room at Piano’s is quite intimate, the
space filled up quickly just prior to the Mancunian
four-piece’s set. Frontman Rob McVey
and gang have been playing these songs for quite a
while now, so it was interesting to see how they
added new intros, atmospheric pieces, and how
they twisted and pulled the songs into new shapes
live. McVey’s vocals, as always, were note perfect
and showed that the quality of songs on
Mercury, the band’s 2003 debut, is
inherent and not due to studio trickery. Only six
songs were aired, but they were amongst the best
the band had to offer. Kicking off with first US
single “Only When You Sleep” and finishing off with
the first UK single, the epic and cinematic
heartbreaker, “Further,” Long-View showcased their
wares for the massed fans and Columbia Records
contingent as well. “Can’t Explain” was
exceptionally moving on the night, the piano parts
played to perfection on guitar by McVey’s right
hand man, Doug Morch. It was a short
and sweet set and there was a noticeable lack of
“Nowhere,” but one can only hope for its inclusion
this evening’s gig at Mercury Lounge. Thanks to UK
travelers Ben Durling and Alex
Gilbert for the hookup and do what you have
to do to make sure you catch these boys at the
Merc this evening. Good times, for sure, for anyone
who loves Coldplay, Verve, or
has an ounce of taste in their body.
“When You Sleep”
“Can't Explain”
“Will You Wait Here”
“Coming Down”
“I Would”

Live - Long-View Make US Debut In NYC