Manic Street Preachers To Get US Release For Holy Bible

Manic Street Preacher fans rejoice! Your penance has been rewarded. Seems the brain-trust at Epic has decided to give the 10th Anniversary 2-CD + 1-DVD edition of the band's The Holy Bible a proper US release. Slated street date is Feb 8, 2005, which is especially good news because the bonus DVD will be compatible with US DVD players. With the import you're screwed. Always considered their best record, yet least commercially successful, the 2-CD set includes both the U.S. and UK mixes of the album. The U.S. mix is previously unreleased because plans to release the album here were scrapped when iconic band member and chief lyricist Richey Edwards "disappeared". In addition, the set also includes 4 previously unreleased live tracks from the era, two previously unreleased demos, and three tracks recorded for BBC Radio 1 Evening Sessions that are making their CD debut. Tracks like "Yes", "Revol", "IFWHITEAMERICATOLDTHETRUTHFORONEDAYIT'SWORLDWOULDFALLAPART", "She Is Suffereing", "Faster", "The Intense Humming of Evil" and the unnerving anorexia diary "4st 7lb" will finally see the light of day. For those unfamiliar with the band, the only ambiguous US parallel is Rage Against the Machine, the only difference being the Manics can actually write melodies and sing.

Here is the DVD track listing:

01. "Faster" - Top Of The Pops tv program
02. "Faster" - Butt Naked tv program
03. "P.C.P." - Butt Naked
04. "She Is Suffering" - Butt Naked
05. "4st 7lb" - MTV Most Wanted UK tv program
06. "She Is Suffering" - MTV Most Wanted
07. "Faster" - Glastonbury '94
08. "P.C.P." - Glastonbury '94
09. "Yes" - Glastonbury '94
10. "Revol" - Reading '94
11. "Faster" - US Video
12. "Judge Yr'self" - Video (previously unreleased)
13. "Yes" - New film (made by Patrick Jones, brother of band member Nicky Wire)
14. Band Interview (30 mins)

Manic Street Preachers To Get US Release For Holy Bible