Nirvana Bass Player Auctions Himself On Ebay

Are you dreading the malls and still wondering on what to get that special someone for the holidays? Well look no further because we have found the gift that you are looking for.

Krist Novoselic, best known as the bass player in Nirvana, has decided to put himself up for auction on Ebay. The winner will be picked up at a west coast airport of their choice, ride a private airplane, and have lunch with Krist at the restaurant of their choice.

According to NME, the auction is in aid of People For The American Way, which bills itself as "a non-profit, non-partisan organization committed to promoting political awareness, civic participation and providing legislators with the support they need to counter the agenda of the extreme right and protect against encroachments upon our freedoms and civil rights". Novoselic said to the folks at Ebay: "I am happy to share the wonders of aviation and remind the winners to be careful during the most dangerous phase of flight – the drive to and from the airport.

The catch? The notes on Ebay explain, “PLEASE NOTE THAT BEFORE participating in this activity, the successful bidder will be required to sign a ‘VOLUNTARY RELEASE OF LIABILITY, ACKNOWLEDGMENT AND ASSUMPTION OF RISKS, AND INDEMNIFICATION AGREEMENT’ in which s/he will agree, among other things, to voluntarily assume the risk of any and all injury, illness, death, damage, loss, or harm that may in any way result from, or arise in connection with, the bidder's participation in the activity." Oh this is good.

As of this morning the highest bidder is at $1,700. Come on people! Only $1,700? Not only is this for a good cause, but a “free” lunch too. Just think of the stories you could hear about Courtney Love. That is enough to wet my appetite.

To check the stats and bid for yourself, click here. There are two days left.

Nirvana Bass Player Auctions Himself On Ebay