Shawn Fanning Is Back!

Shawn Fanning, the creator of Napster, is back with a new company called Snocap. According to their site "SNOCAP offers the first end-to-end solution for digital licensing and copyright management services through an innovative music registry and clearinghouse. SNOCAP enables record labels and individual artists to make the full depth of their catalogs available through authorized peer-to-peer networks and online retailers."

Some highlights via Coolfer.

"'SNOCAP envisions a world where consumers can discover, share and purchase music from a massively deep, almost infinite catalogue-- constantly updated with new and old releases, live, out-of-print tracks, and more,' said Shawn Fanning, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at SNOCAP. 'By giving record labels and artists what they need to deliver their music over any digital platform, including peer-to-peer networks, we are finally realizing the full potential of the Internet as a source of music for fans everywhere.'"

SNOCAP gives rights holders the comfort level they need to make their content available on P2P networks, enabling them to sell more music through more channels. After registering their music and copyright information in SNOCAP's database, labels and artists can manage the online distribution of all their content through SNOCAP's copyright management interface, which enables them to set business rules for each track, on a global basis. This one-stop ability to manage rights and distribution across multiple online retail locations decreases costs and increases revenue.

SNOCAP provides P2P networks and online retailers with a single clearinghouse to access the broadest possible selection of authorized digital music, allowing them to concentrate on providing compelling user experiences rather than trying to develop and maintain relationships with thousands of copyright holders. This will help existing online retailers grow, permit P2Ps to become authorized distribution channels and propel a new generation of innovative services to enter the market."

Shawn Fanning Is Back!