Survey Asks What Musicians Think About Online File Sharing

A new survey conducted by US researchers, Pew Internet, said that musicians see the Internet as a way of selling more music and reaching new fans. According to the New York Times, Pew Internet conducted an online survey of 2,775 musicians, songwriters and music publishers through musician membership organizations between March and April 2004, for part of the study. This ranged from artists struggling to make a living from their music to full-time successful musicians. NME went on to explain that the survey found that more than 80% of the musicians offered free samples of their work online, with two-thirds selling their music via the Internet. Almost all of those involved with the study used the web for ideas and inspirations with nine out of ten going online to promote, advertise and post their music.

These point/counterpoint views seem to be all over the place as the study showed that US musicians disagree with the RIAA's lawsuits against downloaders, but at the same time think that the sharing of fliles should be illegal. The survey also says that the musicians do not agree with the music industry's tactics to combat file sharing.

Mary Madden, report author told BBC News: "Even successful artists don't think the lawsuits will benefit musicians.” She went on to explain, “We always hear the views of successful artists like the Britney Spears of the world but the less successful artists rarely get represented. We looked at more of the independent musicians, rather than the rock stars of this industry but that reflects more accurately the state of the music industry. Musicians are embracing the Internet enthusiastically. They are using the Internet to gain inspiration, sell it online, tracking royalties, learning about copyright."

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Survey Asks What Musicians Think About Online File Sharing