Stereophonics Shed Light On New Drummer

Stuart Cable, drummer for the Stereophonics has been replaced according to their official website. Argentinean Javier Weyler will be taking over Cable's duties immediately. The guys first met Weyler in late 2003 when the band was recording demos for their new album in Argentina.

Front man Kelly Jones said, "We were at this club, it was rockin', everyone having a good time, and then the owner invited us to this private house party where lots of musicians go there to play - three floors, each floor getting' darker and a little seedier the higher up they got. That's where we met Javier - we already knew him from London, he'd worked at bjg/sahara studios in Fulham, he assisted on You Gotta Go There To Come Back demo's, so we had a few drinks together. After a couple of hours, the police raided the house, because the guy never had a license for the cash machines he'd installed for the lap dancers and other things for sale on site. Of course us being the tourists, we got taken away first so there was about ten of us in a room, not unlike a police cell, at the police station. They let us all go after about five hours of hanging around and questions, so me, Javier and Rich went for some breakfast at this other place down the road, where they have bands play 24/7 and we ended up jamming for the first time, to 'Tommy Gun' by The Clash."

Cable was axed from the group last year after the other two members said that there had been commitment issues since their 2003 album You Gotta Go There To Come Back.

The new lineup is currently working on Language. Sex. Violence. Other?, their fifth album that is slated to come out in 2005.

Stereophonics Shed Light On New Drummer