1. [v] stimulate by administering a shock; as of muscles
2. [v] cover with zinc; as of steel, for example
3. [v] to stimulate to action ; "...startled him awake"; "galvanized into action"
See Also:

ball over, blow out of the water, coat, floor, shock, shock, stun, surface, take aback

Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons have done just that. It has been about two years since we have heard new stuff from the beat-tastic duo The Chemical Brothers. "Galvanize" is the first featured single from the forthcoming album Push The Button coming out mid January. Taking influence from the Middle East, "Galvanize" is sure to make even the biggest nonbeliever of dance music get their ass out on the dance floor. One of the many highlights of this import single includes the guest vocals from A Tribe Called Quest's Q-Tip. The import single also has a b-side track called "Rize Up" which is equally as good and could easily be mistaken for old school Basement Jaxx or Prodigy. Eat your heart out Pharrel, you only wish you could create beats like this. World, the time has come to push the button. My finger is on the button, and ready to push play.

The Chemical Brothers