The Kills Talk About Their New Album

Bluesy punk duo The Kills have announced details about their sophomore record. No Wow, the follow up to their much talked about Keep On Your Mean Side, is scheduled to street February 28 on Rough Trade.

No Wow was recorded in Benton Harbour, Michigan. According to Drowned In Sound, bassist and vocalist Alison “VV” Mosshart had this to say regarding the location of recording: "It’s a total ghost town, there’s nothing there at all. It was the perfect place to get away from it all. Everything was boarded up, like a dead world, then we’d go back into our HQ of art and music and ideas”.

In the same interview, Alison also commented on the album title saying, “We had this heart racing, goose flesh, tears in our eyes conversation about what we were going to do with this band”. The band concluded that there was just 'no wow’ anymore. “It was a cry for getting it back. People are too worried about being down to earth and down to earth just doesn’t enter our vocabulary.”

The first single will be called “The Good Ones” and should be available before the release date.

The Kills Talk About Their New Album