Embrace Hits The Studio Again

It has been a whirlwind year for post-Britpop sensation Embrace. 2004 shared highs and lows with the band as they almost split, then inked a new deal with Independiente and finally released two UK chart-shattering singles and a UK number one album. Now, if all of that wasn’t enough, singer Danny McNamara sat down for an exclusive interview with XFM to talk about touring (including a first ever American tour!) and a new album.

“We’re doing some promotions over Christmas,” McNamara said, “And then we’re back in the studio in January to start working on the next album, album number five. Then we’ve got a national tour in February and March and doing a couple of nights at Brixton Academy. And after that we’re off to America for the first time – we’re on the verge of signing a new deal over there so it’s all very exciting.”

Rumors have it that this American label is known for their "magma-hot" releases. Danny went on to comment on the success of Out of Nothing saying, “We did some jamming on the album that made up the last two songs and it was a real untamed, wild and exciting way of working. When you work on songs over and over, sometimes the edge that it has gets sewn away during the crafting you have to do to get everybody on the same page. But when you’re writing the music together, you all live in the same moment and you get those little moments on the tape. So the next album is going to be half of that kind of thing and half of the more crafted stuff that me and Richard (McNamara, guitarist and Danny’s brother) do, and I think it’ll be a better album for it. We want to push the envelope a bit.”

Things are definitely looking up for Embrace now compared to this time last year. “Its gone better than we could have ever dreamed really,” McNamara concludes. “If you’d asked us last year how we thought it would have gone this year, we’d have never had it going as this. With the album going platinum and at number one…It’s just great.”

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Embrace Hits The Studio Again