Today Pimp My Ride. Tomorrow The World.

We all knew that it was going to happen someday, MTV taking over the world. This February MTV will mark a milestone when they will gain their 100th channel worldwide in Africa, not to mention the first channel based on that continent. This Pinky and the Brain attitude is nothing new as the MTV suits are also hosting a party at the Kremlin, with a Russian diva and Queen belting out “We Will Rock You” while Russian soldiers are performing a hip-hop dance routine. We can already see it now… TRL hosted by Ill Mitch.

Most of America is probably clueless when it comes to the extent to which Viacom and MTV have blanketed the world, but that may change soon. Out of the 100 worldwide networks, 43 of them are a variation of MTV. Bill Roedy, President of MTV Networks International, sat down with AP News and explained, “It seems easy now… Back then it was not as easy. I don't think anyone imagined it would be like it is now. The long-term future is international," he said. "So from a strategic viewpoint, it's where MTV and Nickelodeon can reap the most rewards."

According to AP, MTV estimates that at least one of their networks is available in one-third of the world's homes with televisions. About 80 percent of its viewership now is outside of the United States. The theory is to make each channel reflect the local culture. MTV in Japan is very edgy, very tech-oriented, for example, while the stylistic MTV in Italy even has food programming.

As for the programming? It seems that it is hit or miss with what will do well internationally. One of America’s most popular shows on MTV, Real World, has sparked little interest in the foreign audience. Seems like they don’t care about the horny 20-somethings romping around the streets of Philly. You may be asking yourself what does well overseas? That award would go to Pimp My Ride. Congrats Xzibit! Have some bling on us. Germany is even working on a pilot for Pimp My Bike. Vroom!

For more information be sure and check out AP News.

Today Pimp My Ride. Tomorrow The World.