Pair Of DVDs To Chronicle Pixies Reunion Tour

2004 was undeniably the year of The Pixies. Over the course of nearly eight months, the band played to sold out shows across the world, achieving a level of success that surpassed anyone's wildest dreams. For example, last week the band wrapped up their trek with EIGHT sold-out shows at New York's Hammerstein Ballroom. In case you were one of the few fans not able to see the reunion tour, or if you just want to relive the magic from your couch, a pair of DVD releases are in the works capturing all of the on and off stage Pixies fun.

The first is a documentary-style DVD a-la I Am Trying To Break Your Heart, the Wilco movie. The second is a separate DVD that pulls all of its content from on-stage footage.

"I have collected film from about six or seven full concerts which we plan to edit for a compilation concert DVD," Pixies manager Ken Goes revealed to Billboard. "There is a possibility that these two DVDs will be combined into one double-disc set, but that is not yet confirmed."

Frontman Frank Black and bassist Kim Deal plan to return to their own projects in '05. Black will release a pair of albums recorded in Nashville prior to the Pixies tour launch, while Deal will record a new album with The Breeders.

Once we heard about a release date for the DVDs, we'll give you a holler.

Pair Of DVDs To Chronicle Pixies Reunion Tour