Why Can’t We Live Together? The Legalization Of Fruit

“Marijuana is like a fruit or vegetable.” A Rasta by the name of Denver told me this last week while I was visiting Montego Bay, Jamaica. I liked the way this sounded the minute I heard it. But then we got further into a discussion about why it is illegal and over a week later, I still cannot place any logical answer on this that can justify the rationale.
This is not a new debate, in fact now more than ever there are legalization discussions as well as medial use of marijuana discussions. Still, with all the pollution that IS legal, there is no sense to this.
Alcohol is legal. Alcohol kills. Cigarettes are legal. Cigarettes kill. Yet our tax dollars are being used to pay for people in prison who are doing time for marijuana possession. What did Lennon sing about when John Sinclair got 10 years for possession of grass, “It ain’t fair/you got to got to got to set him free.”
And now it has been proven that marijuana can help in some medical healing and treatment and has been recommended by certain doctors.
Why is this illegal ?
It is a drug ?
Who decided that and said in the same breath that tobacco isn’t?
Were there a bunch of dudes in a conf room that said marijuana is bad, it is a drug and drugs are illegal. A drug? Why? 'Cause it’s a mood altering substance? So is alcohol.
Some of out greatest artists have gotten an incredible amount of clarity while smoking marijuana. Artists such as Bob Marley, Allen Ginsberg and John Lennon.
It has been said that smoking marijuana can help you tap into your inner conscience that many of us are not aware of. Yet this part of our mind is a true part of who we are. We need to tune into our higher self. Many of us due this thru mediation. Many of us do this thru marijuana. By tuning into our higher self we can then inspire the individual self to spread goodness in life rather than looking for goodness in life.
It all adds up – yet someone is afraid of us all being happy.

How we approach those things in life that we think can give us happiness all begins with the state of mind we are in as we approach them. Marijuana, when used properly, is a positive aid in having the clarity and calmness to help us see these things calmly.
The truth makes a lot of noise. I can go down to the bar and order drinks and get drunk but I cannot go and smoke the lamsbread in public.

We can easily let our guards down to make for less tension and more awareness.  

Why Can’t We Live Together? The Legalization Of Fruit