Details On New Oasis Album Surface

Everyone who is excited about the new Oasis album please raise your hand. Damn, that is a lot of hands. Before we continue please wipe the drool off your computer monitor. It makes the words blurry and you look like an idiot to your co-workers.

In a recent article on NME, Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher let the cat out of the bag regarding the forthcoming as-yet-titled LP that is slated to come out in May. It will feature 12 songs written by Noel, brother Liam, bassist Andy Bell and guitarist Gem Archer. Noel said, “"The finished album is my favorite one of the last four. Because we're all contributing to the songwriting there's a different feel to it. In fact the only songs that sound like Oasis are Andy Bell's funnily enough. I've been listening to a lot of Bob Dylan last year, Liam was obviously some guy who used to be in a band in Liverpool, Gem's a very rock and roll but not in a Jet way if you know what I mean. Andy's just sound like Oasis, which is great."

In an interview with Radio 1’s Jo Whiley, Noel said that his brothers songs are very good and gave insight to his favorites on the album. "If I had to pick one it would be ’The Importance of Being Idle’," he revealed. "That sounds a bit like The Kinks, a bit like The La's, a bit Liverpudlian. I think it's got the best lyrics. I'm getting quite fed up with London at the minute, there's one song called ’Part Of The Queue’ which is about living in London and how you always seem to be queuing up for things in that city and how it almost … when I moved to London about 12 years ago it blew me away but the novelty has worn off. It's become so overcrowded over the last three or four years that we're upping sticks and moving. The most interesting thing will be when you hear Liam's songs. They are very, very good. A song called ’Guess God Thinks I'm Able’. The end 30 seconds will blow you away.”

Currently the band is in the process of approving the much-anticipated artwork for the new release. Noel claims that it "looks quite bleak and northern". At the same time discussions are being made as to what the first single will be. Noel explained, "There was an obvious first single but I was singing it. After 12 years of Oasis, Liam thought that might sound a bit odd, people might think he'd left the band. He threw his cans out the pram."

Thanks for having the faith Noel, but when it comes to Oasis, one shouldn’t be surprised, as anything could be possible. In the meantime the Definitely Maybe DVD that came out last year should tide you over, and if you have not seen it yet then shame on you. Later this summer Oasis will be touring the UK, will there be hope for a US tour? A fan can dream…For more information be sure and bookmark their site.

Details On New Oasis Album Surface