Fischerspooner Experiments With Classic Rock

We at the Tripwire are anxious to hear the latest incarnation of New York’s Fischerspooner. The electroclash duo of Warren Fischer and Casey Spooner have spent the last two years working to make “a total statement” with their new album. According to NME, they have developed up to twenty-five ideas for songs, which their have paired down to eleven.

About the new album, the duo said: “We worked hard, for an extraordinary two years with some extraordinary collaborators, to make a coherent AOR record, a total statement. Inspired along the way by psychedelia, classic rock and the ideas of the romantics that were the roots of rock and roll, we tried to combine those influences with our own take on modern pop music to create something new and, hopefully unique."

Do we really have to wait until April 5th for the new record, titled Odyssey, to be released? Our electroclash heroes dabbling with classic rock? At least we now have the tracklisting:

01. “Just Let Go”
02. “Cloud”
03. “Never Win”
04. “A Kick In The Teeth”
05. “Everything To Gain”
06. “We Need A War”
07. “Wednesday”
08. “Happy”
09. “Ritz 107”
10. “All We Are”
11. “Circle (Vision Creation New Sun)”

Fischerspooner Experiments With Classic Rock