Live - The Cloud Room Promises Sunny Days In NYC

Gigantic Music is now forever known as the little label that could. In the short time that they have been around they have managed to put out some of the tastiest indie rock out there today. Bands like Human Television, Some Action, Seedy Gonzales, and now their newest venture, The Cloud Room are setting precedents above the rest.

Last night I checked out The Cloud Room at NYC’s Rothko to see if they could live up to the greatness of their soon to be released record. The venue was hipster-tastic as always, and as for the music I was pleasantly surprised. If you haven’t heard of The Cloud Room yet then consider this your formal introduction to a band that you will probably be hearing a lot of down the road. Named after a speakeasy in the Chrysler Building, The Cloud Room is from Brooklyn. Band members include Frontman J, drummer Jason Pharr, bassist Jon Petrow, and keyboardist Benjamin Nugent.

The group started off their 45 minute set with “Waterfall”, a catchy and somewhat dreamy song that is reminiscent of what The Bravery was almost five months ago. J’s vocals are one part David Bowie, one part New Order's Bernard Sumner, and a pinch of ‘80s revival cool. J also managed to captivate the crowd while dancing up a storm whilst playing the guitar and singing. It was hard not to start dancing myself. A personal highlight for me included “Hey Now Now”; a song that is destined to be the summer hit that is on everyone’s iPods “top 25 most played” lists. Another bonus was the last song, a cover of Willie Nelson's "You Were Always On My Mind", where it almost seemed as if the boys were covering The Pet Shop Boys' rendition over Willie's.

Expect big things from The Cloud Room in the next year. Gigantic has an April release date set for the band's debut album, and it is going to be one that you don’t want to miss the boat on.

Live - The Cloud Room Promises Sunny Days In NYC