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Nine Inch Nails Completes With Teeth

News surrounding the upcoming Nine Inch Nails album continues to dribble in. We now know that the new record’s title has been changed from Bleedthrough to With Teeth. We also know that the album was produced by head honcho Trent Reznor, and features the drumming skills of Dave Grohl. Reznor made these comments about the upcoming record on their official website:

With Teeth is finished. The band is rehearsing. I can't wait to present this music to you on your stereo and in your town. This is a more lyric-based record than The Fragile. The tracks were very thought out and realized and didn't mutate that dramatically through the process."

Thanks for the info Rez, or lack thereof. The tracklisting is still top secret, and no official release date has been listed as of yet. Once we receive more information, we will pass it along.

Nine Inch Nails Completes With Teeth