Origin Vol. 1

Ah the Swedes. They know the rock & roll. They kill us with well crafted nostalgia rock with hooks and fuzz and swagger. And that's just Roxette, don't get me started on ABBA. But I digress. The new album by The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Origin Vol. 1, picks up where 2001's Behing The Music left off. Lead singer and aspiring Viking Ebbot Lundberg has nailed yet another performance. His raspy voice is such an awesome rock standard that spans the ages but sounds fresh at the same time. If Oasis need some writing tips now that Liam, Gem Archer and Andy Bell are helping ol' Noel out with writing duties, get TSOOL on speed dial. First single "Heading For A Breakdown" and tracks like 6-minute epic "Transcendental Suicide" and "Lone Summer Dream" are everything that the new wave are not. No angular guitars, no syncopated drums, no bullshit yelpy vocals all set to over-used disco timing [we get it already!]. TSOOL are the band you wished had the vinyl album gatefold to open up from back in the day. You would study the lyrics, look for hidden images in the art, really get into their message and have them sewn on your jean jacket. Now, the best you can hope for is an MP3 on someone's iPod. Not quite the same. Not a clunker in the batch, though. The twin guitar attack of Mattias Bärjed and Ian Person are the key behind the tasteful tunes. Perfectly adding the jams but not noodling. It's called composition, holmes, and they got the craft. "Wheels of Boredom" has the Beatles meets Stone Roses vibe I demand in all my music. Not a copy, but inspiration so don't expect "Penny Lane" meets "Waterfall".
Aptly named, these guys are the soundtrack of our lives.

The Soundtrack Of Our Lives

Origin Vol. 1