Elbow Expects New Album To Come Out This Year

Elbow has announced details this week on their third album that is set to come out later this year. This time around the boys are planning to “return to their roots” after the traumatic recording that took place for Cast Of Thousands.

The new record was produced by the band and recorded in Manchester in an open space at Salford’s Blueprint Studios. Joining the group will be Mark Thomas from Soup Collective, who is doing the visuals for Elbow. His works are in progress and are projected on a screen in front of the band as they write and record.

In an interview with NME, front man Guy Garvey said, “It’s very well documented that [making the second album] was really tough. And much as we all love the record, there wasn’t much joy involved in it. The actual experience was thoroughly fucking joyless to be honest. It’s brilliant though,” he continued, “because there’s artists coming in doing little sketches every day, people coming in and taking photographs. We totally have control of what this environment looks like, feels like. It makes sense to have Mark up there, because [images] are so closely linked in the way people perceive stuff these days. And he makes a great cup of tea.”

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Elbow Expects New Album To Come Out This Year