Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan Makeover Jobin

On February 22, Tommy Boy Records will release the soundtrack to the film Goldfish Memory. Directed/written by Liz Gill and produced by Breda Walsh, this comedy/drama presents a blithe look at the dangers and delights of dating in contemporary Dublin.

Appropriate music for this film was inspired by Antonio Carlos "Tom" Jobin (pronounced: ho-bine), who was a Brazilian composer, singer, pianist and one of the greatest legends of bossa nova. His music is compelling, poetic and bittersweet which fit the style of the movie perfectly.

A intriguing twist on these songs come from some of Ireland's most talented indie musicians, Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan. Together they recreate the classics "Waters of March," "Desafinado," and "Once I Loved," which are faithfully reminiscent yet equally impressive.

Too bad we can't actually see the movie in the states right now but check out www.goldfishmemory.com for more info.

Source: Nina Isabella

Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan Makeover Jobin