Live - Weerd Science Rocks The Mic In NYC

“So, what are you up to tonight?” a friend asked.
“I am psyched, I am going to check out Weerd Science!” I replied with enthusiasm.
“Dude, that movie is so awesome!” he exclaimed.
“No, not the movie, the new Hip Hop group, Weerd Science” I corrected.
“Huh?” He replied.

Weerd Science is the hip-hop group fronted by Coheed and Cambria drummer Josh Eppard. I know it seems strange that an emo/sci-fi rocker would all of the sudden go Hop-Hop. But Josh has been making Hip Hop ever since he was a kid. At 17 he was signed to be the next big thing in the Hip Hop world only to be dropped via telephone before any realities of stardom could occur. But never fear! The music Josh had put together years ago mixed with some new tracks will finally see an official release March 22 on Equal Vision Records entitled Friends And Nervous Breakdowns. I was fortunate to catch Weerd Science live on a cold, rainy night in NYC at Don Hill’s.

When I arrived, the opening act Bobby Delicious, who are childhood friends with Josh and were a part of his education and discovery of Hip Hop, were tearing it up on stage. Josh even grabbed a mic and joined Bobby Delicious on their final song of the night giving the audience a taste of what was to come. After a long sound check which involved an insane amount of “check, check, check” and “one two, one two” and “turn me up” and “I can’t hear myself, turn me up”, Weerd Science was ready to rock

And Rock they did. Weerd Science consists of a DJ, a sample/keyboard guy (donning a lab coat no less), and flanking Josh were two back up vocals. The show got under way as Josh came at the crowd with intensity on the number “Conspiracy Theories W/ Out Mel Gibson”, the first track on the upcoming album. Handling all of the lead vocals his delivery is very reminiscent of Aesop Rock fronting a punk rock band. The highlight was their iron clad performance of the track "How To Be A ..." The track goes in detail about how to be a terrorist and it’s bouncy, catchy chorus really gets your ass moving. I was extremely impressed with the show, especially since I found out it was only their sixth one ever. Weerd Science is fur reel yall, Check it!

Source: John Majer

Live - Weerd Science Rocks The Mic In NYC