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Mary Timony Finds A New Home At Lookout!

Veteran indie/punk standout Mary Timony has inked a deal with Lookout! Records for the release of her third solo album, Ex Hex. According to inside sources, the Medications drummer Devin Ocampo has loaned his talents to the record, as has Brendan Canty of Fugazi, who produced the set.

Mary Timony's career has found her at the forefront of America's underground rock scene since the late '80s when she fronted the highly regarded all girl punk outfit Autoclave. She then went on to front Helium in the early '90s, releasing two full lengths and four other EPs/7"s for Matador. In 2000, Timony set out on her own, since releasing a pair of full length albums (also on Matador).

Mary Timony's Ex Hex is slated for a mid-April 2005 release.

Mary Timony Finds A New Home At Lookout!