Finally! New Portishead Album By Christmas

Have you ever wondered what happened to Portishead? I know that just the other day I was thinking about that as I was putting older bands on my iPod to listen to on my commute to work. So, wonder no more because NME announced today that Portishead are recording their first album in eight years.

The band’s third album is almost finished according to founding member Geoff Barrow, as he told NME, "We're actually into it as we speak. We took some time off for Christmas, but generally we're doing another record."

Barrow went on to tell BBC 6 Music that he was surprised people thought the band had split up, saying: "We've just had our heads down really, we've never actually broken up, or parted, or whatever. So for us it just seems, even though we haven't played for years, we still see each other and write - we just haven't released a record for a long time."

The new album is just a start with the reemergence of Portishead. They plan on joining Massive Attack for a tsunami benefit on February 19 at the Bristol Academy. Unfortunately the band will not be debuting any new material, instead front woman Beth Gibbons will be playing with acoustic backing.

For more information check out Portishead's web site.

Finally! New Portishead Album By Christmas