Beck Announces Guero Tracklisting

Beck fans, prepare to wet your pants. The new album finally has a name, which is Guero. Hot damn! has supplied us with not only the name, but also the glorious tracklisting. Feast your eyes on the song titles from one of the most important releases of the year!

01. “E-Pro”
02. “Que Onda Guero”
03. “Girl”
04. “Missing”
05. “Black Tambourine”
06. “Earthquake Weather”
07. “Hell Yes”
08. “Broken Drum”
09. “Go It Alone”
10. “Farewell Ride”
11. “Rental Car”
12. “Emergency Exit”

As previously reported, Guero was produced by the Dust Brothers, and is rumored to mark a return to the sounds of Odelay and Mellow Gold. Although a few tracks were leaked onto some file-sharing networks, the release date has not been moved up. The new record will hit stores in the US on March 29. We are counting the days.

Beck Announces Guero Tracklisting