Kings Of Leon Tapped To Open For U2

U2's Vertigo tour will kick off on March 28 in San Diego. The full tour itinerary will be announced on Monday, so we'll give you all the details next week. In the meantime, the big news is that Kings Of Leon have landed the opening slot for the entire US leg of the tour. This gig is exactly the boost that Kings Of Leon need to make them a household name. I mean, if a thumbs up from Bono isn't enough, then what is this world coming to? Already a hit in the UK, the band's sophomore album, Aha Shake Heartbreak, will be released on February 22 in the US. It's a must have.

Some more info on the tour:

According to Billboard, ticket prices will average $90 - $49.50 on the low end and $165 on the high end. Conservative estimates put the tour's gross potential at $225-$250 million, all of which will go towards relieving third world debt (just kidding).

The North American leg will run for two months and wrap in Boston in late May, but like I said, we'll give you all the details on Monday.

Kings Of Leon Tapped To Open For U2