Ben Folds To Release New Album In April

We have been getting bits and pieces of news about Ben Folds’ upcoming new album over the past month or so. Enough of the appetizers, it is time for the main course. The new record is titled Songs For Silverman, and will be released on April 26. According to Billboard, Folds has returned to the trio setup that got his career going with Ben Folds Five, recording the new tunes with bassist Jared Reynolds and drummer Lindsay Jamieson. The follow-up to 2001’s Rockin’ The Suburbs was produced by Folds, and will be preceded by the single “Landed”, which will impact radio on February 1. About the song, Folds said: "It's about a close friend of mine who's recovering from being under the influence of a crazy girlfriend. I had this mental image of him flying back to reality, landing at the airport and needing a ride back to the life he left behind." Behold the tracklisting:

01. “Bastard”
02. “You To Thanks”
03. “Jesusland”
04. “Landed"
05. “Gracie”
06. “Trusted”
07. “Give Judy My Notice”
08. “Late”
09. “Sentimental Guy”
10. “Time”
11. “Prison Food”

Ben Folds To Release New Album In April