Whatever Happened To Fiona Apple?

It is kind of funny that this is coming about. I was actually talking to someone the other day about whatever happened to the precocious 19 year old that came around in the late 1990’s named Fiona Apple. I am sure you have been staying up at night pacing in your living room, staring at the phone wondering the same thing. If I just described you then don’t worry because apparently you are not the only one.

According to MTV, a multitude of Fiona fans have been waiting for something new from the singer since her 1999 sophomore release, When the Pawn… came out. Although her third record, Extraordinary Machine, was completed in May 2003 it has not been released and has been gathering dust on Sony’s shelves says producer Jon Brion. That may be, but one 21-year-old fan is trying to change that and has built a website and online campaign to get the record released.

Dave Muscato, the creator of said site, launched a campaign on Monday and as part of his campaign a group will culminate today in a protest outside of Sony’s New York offices. Apparently Muscato ordered 1,500 apples and sent them to Andrew Lack, Chairman and CEO of Sony. "I understand that this is a business decision, not a personal one, but I think [Sony] is wrong," Muscato said, "The album will sell if it's released. She has a strong enough fan base that they'll make their money back ... if that's their main concern."

Want to check out and see what all the hoopla is about? Visit Free Fiona.

Whatever Happened To Fiona Apple?