Ed Harcourt Is One Wild Boar

Ed Harcourt is a busy busy lad as of late. Not only does his third album, Strangers hit stores tomorrow in the US, but he is also working up some great shows. Harcourt is playing the Children of the Tsunami Concert tonight, and on Saturday he managed to wow fans at a secret show in West London.

According to NME, Harcourt played to a packed crowd at Nektar and introduced Wild Boar, a three piece rock band in the vein of Queens of the Stone Age, with an aggressive half-hour set. On the band, Harcourt said that he has had it in his mind for sometime and explained, "It was great to rock fucking hard. That was our first proper rehearsal as a band and our first gig rolled into one so it was a bit shambolic but I think that made it better. Initially the ideal behind Wild Boar was to offend as many people as possible but they actually like us, which is good."

Here is the set list for Wild Boar:

•"Wild Boar Theme"
•"Satan Made Me Do It"
•"Baby Wants A Monster Truck"
•"No Time To Fuck"
•"Henry Rollins’ Neck Is Bigger Than His Head"
•"I’m In Love With My Therapist"

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Ed Harcourt Is One Wild Boar