SNMNMNM Take Marching Band Pop On The Road

Chapel Hill, North Carolina-based indie pop outfit SNMNMNM released their third album this week in the form of As Best We Can (Unschooled). The band, which sports three classically trained musicians, has one very distinguishing aspect - a tuba player. Yes, that's correct. Rather than a bass, SNMNMNM's Mark Daumen and his amplified tuba team with drummer Matthew Vooris to form the band's rhythm section. The curiosity factor alone is almost worth checking these guys out, but I've got to say, their songs are quite good (and not overpowered by tuba).

The tour kicks off tomorrow in Chapel Hill and runs through March 12 in Knoxville, TN, hitting mostly tertiary markets along the way. Details are below. Get out and get your tuba on.

02.03.05 - Chapel Hill, NC (Local 506)
02.09.05 - Raleigh, NC (Pour House)
02.10.05 - Charlotte, NC (Evening Muse)
02.12.05 - Athens, GA (Caledonia)
02.15.05 - Jacksonville, FL (Imperial)
02.16.05 - Gainesville, FL (Market St. Pub)
02.17.05 - Orlando, FL (Wills Pub)
02.18.05 - Lake Worth, FL (Broques Irish Pub)
02.19.05 - Delray Beach, FL (Dada)
02.21.05 - Tallahassee, FL (Big Daddys)
02.22.05 - Pensacola, FL (Sluggos)
02.24.05 - Austin, TX (Flamingo Cantina)
02.27.05 - Denton, TX (Rubber Gloves)
02.28.05 - Oklahoma City, OK (Conservatory)
03.01.05 - Albequerque, NM (Burts)
03.02.05 - Santa Fe, NM (Warehouse)
03.03.05 - Denver, CO (Hi Dive)
03.05.05 - Champaign, IL (Cowboy Monkey)
03.11.05 - Nashville, TN (Rocketown)
03.12.05 - Knoxville, TN (Patrick Sullivans)

SNMNMNM Take Marching Band Pop On The Road