Live In Heaven

The Tears are about to set the UK Rock scene on fire. Comprised of former Suede original members Bernard Butler and Brett Anderson, the band have been gigging around the UK and recently signed to Independiente. The buzz is huge. What will they sound like? After hearing one of their shows, I must say, it's good to have the boys playing together after a ten year break. Recorded in London a few weeks back, the show is a ten song foray into Brett and Bernard's world of glammy, soaring, rock operettas delivered in 4 minute pop masterpieces. The killer lyrics, the fey attitude, the guitars, the riffs. Not much different from their earlier work, but just in the nick of time to save us from an overload of Gang Of Four-tribute mania. At one point some one in the crowd shouts out Suede hit "Drowners", to which Brett shrugs, "you've come to the wrong gig". Indeed. Though some of the songs remind me of DogManStar-era Suede, they are not stuck in a time warp, per se. They definitely gravitated to a bass player and drummer who are in the same vein as Suede's Matt Osman and Simon Gilbert, but it's just that it suits their writing style rather than being derivative. What adds to the freshness is Bernard Butler stepping up his vocal skills. Where as Suede relied solely on Brett's howl and latent Moz-esque homophilia, the new songs use more melody and harmonies between the twin front men. That's f*cking teamwork! [Tenacious D stylee] And the song titles? You won't be disappointed. Highlights are proposed first single "Refugees", "Imperfection", "Lovers", "Co-Star", the epic "Ghost Of You" and the stormer "Brave New Century". Metal Mickey has returned.

It's been ten years. Welcome back.

The Tears

Live In Heaven